Here are the deadlines for critiques for the post mid-term project.

  • March 25: 3D models complete (with surface/texture mapping
  • April 1: 3D orbit animation (Asset building)
  • April 8: Presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote)
  • April 15: Web presence (website and mobile (tablet and phone), 15 second TV spot
  • April 22: Full page, four color, full bleed magazine ad (8.5 x 11) Printed and mounted on black foamcore (1 inch border)
  • April 29: 2 minute Dome video
  • May 2: Final blog post (include reflection, tracked time and final semester portfolio examples). Anything done so far can be reworked to be better for the final portfolio.

Interesting training site

Hi guys,

I found an interesting 3D modeling/software training site. It is called Take a look and see if it will be helpful for you for the rest of the semester. It has a free component and a upgrade for $23.o0 a month.