Post Mid-term work

As I have said in class, the post mid-term assignment will follow a similar outline as what we did up to mid-term. So…

I want you to pick a product (object) for which you will build all the assets and designs.  Give some creative thought as to what you want to do after reading the applications below for your choice.

I want you to 3D render your product/object, with this twist. I want you to explore and learn how to image/texture map the product/object so it will look “real”. So, not just the shape, but also the color, labels, transparencies, surface qualities. This time, I am not looking for 3D printing of the product/object, since we are virtually recreating it. Be ready to talk about in class the information/technique/software you are having to figure out and learn (if you are).

We will move the completed rendered product/object into an orbiting animation (asset)

We will use the 3D model for a nicely, virtually lighted glamour still (another asset)

We will use the assets in a presentation (informational or sales)

Use the developed assets for a 15 to 30 second ad spot and one full-page, full bleed ad

We will develop a website for a computer/table/phone and… I would like to see an animation generated for the planetarium dome.

So, take what you learned in the first half of the semester and expand and push it further with this assignment.




Midterm Post/Portfolio

Last week before mid-term break. What I need from you is a blog post/reflection/portfolio by Friday. Show me what you have done in all the various media areas we have explored so far (including what you have managed to figure out with the dome assignment). In this case, I am interested in what you think you have learned or what knowledge you have expanded this semester and how you have used knowledge developed in earlier Viscom classes. This is due on Friday, 11:59:59.

Dome design

OK, this should be fun. We are going to investigate and figure out how to apply design and  motion to a dome. In particular, planetarium domes. Funny, we just happen to have a big planetarium dome on campus just waiting for your creative/design efforts.

How do we go about this? What do you need to know? What do you already know and is it transferable into this venue? We will find out.

Some initial info about dome design.

  • Photography and video: is better if shot using a fish-eye lens. Photoshop/AfterEffects conversions can work but composition in a flat photo and video is different than when shot for domes.
  • You will work in a square/round space.
  • Add more items as we discover stuff…


Mobile design

OK, as you are wrapping up the website design for you 3D product(s), begin re-tasking your website on how it will look and how it will function in tablets and smart-phones – mobile design. Depending upon your choice in platforms in production, this may be easy or a big pain. Good luck. I want to look design conversions for the two devices by next Weds. (24th). Remind me and we can talk about the details on Weds. (17th).


Moving things to web.

So, we have created a 3D “product”, have built assets to use in a presentation, now we will rework/apply these initial assets, and make more if necessary, to web design. We will work structural process of storyboarding/wireframing the web page / site, move into designing the look and feel of the site in Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop or even InDesign, and then figuring out what back end assembly device/ap will accomplish your web vision. There will be tons of issues that your designs will create and you task will be to figure out, how or even, if you can get the site to do what you want. Once you know, dive in and research and figure the issues out.

We will look at the designs (your Fireworks, Photoshop or InDesign layouts) on February 10. Remember, is very good for video training in code/software and there is w3schools com for html and css exercises.

You have options for web depending upon your skill sets and knowledge and ability in coding. Take the initiative and develop your knowledge-base.

  • Dreamweaver
  • Komodo
  • Text Wrangler
  • Muse
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Typepad
  • Pagecloud
  • Others…?