Creating assets

The last couple of weeks working in 3D and figuring out animation… it is a “slow” process, I know. As I stated in class today, the 3D printing is probably the biggest challenge as everyone is figuring the process out. So, be patient, we’ll get it done.

You are developing some very useful skills and knowledge bases as we work through using 3D virtually and physically. It is good information that you will utilize in the future. I know I have kept the assignment pretty vague and open-ended, but don’t bite more than you can chew. Manage your expectations verses your existing ability. You can still do some very creative things with fundamental skills.

Keep in mind you are creating graphic assets to used in upcoming design assignments. The next phase after figuring out animation, some video editing in iMovie or Premier and adding audio (music or voice overs) is to put together a presentation using these assets (Photography, virtual images and animations). You can use Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi to assemble the presentation.

Again, think of yourself as the creator/manufacturer of this 3D object and you are putting together a presentation that could be used in a tradeshow display or in a conference room presentation – talking about your “product”.

We are going to keep unfolding this assignment into inter-media design platforms. If you need to or want to, you can always go back to square one to rework your model that all subsequent designs are based on. Don’t freak out too much if you do… Doing it a second or third time always goes faster than the first time. This is where you have to demonstrate some critical thinking and creative judgements to keep the assignments moving forward in a manner that is creatively and aesthetically satisfying to you. That’s all.



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