3D laundry list

Sorry, forgot to post all of this…

You are working on two 3D assignments with various components. The logo/logotype and the Checker or Chess piece. Once you get them built (soon), get them printed in OP Output. This will take some time. While the physical items are being printed, I want you to take the two different 3D models (from whatever software you used) and create an orbiting animation of the checker or chess piece. You can use your 3D logo/logo type as a lead in animation (you as the company that produced the checker or chess piece) to the orbit animation. If you need to, use iMove or Adobe Premier to edit together the two animations.

Once you get your physical 3D models printed, I want you to shoot glamour photographs (at least three different angles around) of both models. Use the lighting studio and the lighting strobes to shoot this. Go to YouTube and watch the “Alien Bee” lighting training video on how to use the equipment if you haven’t already.

I’m keeping the deadlines on this open for the moment – not knowing how long the printing will take. Just get them done soon so you can wrap them up at a drop of the hat.

I’ll be assigning the next assignments soon too.


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