Doing something with 3D

Now that we have something created in 3D… (you can always go back later and do a better model too, if you want)…

  • Get your two 3D models printed next week or so and then physically photograph both models individually. Use the lighting studio, light them well, put them on a backdrop and shoot a nice glamour shot of the logotype and the checker or chess piece. There are some good Alien Bees lighting/training videos on how to light 3D objects on YouTube. Check them out.
  • Moving back into the virtual world of 3D… I want you to create an animated orbit of your two 3D models. If you are using Sketchup you will need to image capture roughly 8 images moving around your object and edit the animation in Photoshop. If you are using Blender or Rhino, you should be able to animate directly in those aps.

Have fun.



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