Grading Criteria

Grading in ART420 is based upon two portfolios. One portfolio at midterm and one final portfolio at the end of the semester. The main grading components in the midterm and final portfolios will be Concept, Content Management, Design, Production and Presentation. Efficiency. Reliability and Process will be noted throughout the semester and factored into the final grades. You will be allowed to revise and refine any project completed during the course of the semester (post-project deadline) for inclusion in your portfolio(s).

You will be graded upon the following criteria:
Concept:   The idea behind the solution
Content:   What is stated in the solution
Design:   Creative use of design elements and principles
Production:  Craft in which the project is produced
Presentation:  Visual/verbal presentation of the work
Efficiency:  The ability to work in a well thought out and planned manner
Reliability:  The ability to meet deadlines and attend class
Process:  The documentation of how a design is developed
Attitude: The demonstration of passion and enthusiasm for design

Good process (research, traditional thumbnails, variation sketches, comps – visual thinking ) is vital to design development. It is expected and you may be asked to produce at any time the documentation of your design processes. Lack of design process will be noted throughout the semester and factored into your final grade.

Evaluation will be on the A – F scale.
A  – 100 to 90% – Excellent – superior
B  – 89 to 80% – Good – above average
C  – 79 to 70% – Average
D  – 69 to 60% – Below average
F  – 59% and below –  Failing


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