Attendance and Participation

Mandatory attendance. Habitual absences will result in the lowering of the final grade. If a student cannot manage to attend class or will be late, they are required to notify the professor prior to class beginning. Being “late” is defined as arriving after the instructor. Being more than 15 minutes late counts as an absence. Leaving class early without permission will count as an absence. Attendance will be noted at the beginning of every class period.

This is a studio class, come with all supplies needed and be prepared to work while in class. There are six hours of class per week and you should dedicate at least six hours of concentrated work per week outside of class.

Deadliness and revisions
Missing a deadline will be noted and will be taken into consideration at midterm and final portfolio grading opportunities. Revisions to all designs produced during the semester are allowed for inclusion in grading portfolios.

Classroom Etiquette
Student are expected to do their part in keeping the classroom in good shape. Log off the computer, clean off table tops, trash any scraps, push in stools/chairs at the end of each class session. DO NOT use X-Acto knives on the wooden table surfaces, use the drafting table or cutting mats. DO NOT use Spray Mount in the building. Clean-up begins five minutes before end of class. NO FOOD or DRINKS in the computer lab at any time! NO WEB SURFING on non-class related topics. NO YouTube Videos of non-class related topics. NO CHECKING EMAILS during class. Any infractions to these rules will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.


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